12th June 2001

Welcome to our year 2001 Newsletter.  This is an exciting time in the cattle industry, when prices at the farm-gate for our commercial stock have been consistently good. 

In spite of two major floods in February and March, which reached record heights in the district and prevented us from participating in the 2001 Armidale Brahman Feature Show, we were able to exhibit at the 2001 Royal Easter Show in Sydney.

Heavy rains flooded the lower parts
of the property, February 2001

The judge Mr Paul Fordyce was very impressed, especially when eleven junior bulls entered the ring in one class.  Our two entries placed second and third, to assist us to be the most successful exhibitor at this year’s show.  Our nine head performed consistently, winning 13 ribbons including: Reserve Senior Champion Bull with Mogul Leichhardt, Reserve Senior Champion Female with Mogul Miss P.N. Myalla 2nd and Reserve Junior Champion Bull with Mogul Muscat (our first calf by Yenda Image to be shown). With these successes Mogul has now won 84 Royal Show Championships.

Mogul Leichhardt, the best red bull we have shown for a number of years, was the heaviest Brahman bull shown, weighing 890 kgs - even though he was exhibited in the 24-30 months class.  He has outstanding Brahman Group Breedplan figures of 200-day growth of +21, 400-day weight of +43, 600-day weight of +51.  His pedigree is outstanding.  His sire is MK Sophisticated Millionaire 107.  His dam is by VL Rojo Grande 26/8.  Her dam was by Idioma POI Americana, and even further back we find Sir Mogul Arauto C.  These are all top red imported bloodline bulls.

We are offering a three-quarter share and possession in this bull.  We will retain semen for our own use only.

As in 2000, we are pleased to offer our successful Show Bulls as part of our 2001 on property offering.

The selection for this year’s offering will also include:

            *  STUD BULLS , RED AND GREY




We invite you to inspect and purchase your selection from this quality offering.

We have Breedplan figures available for the cattle on offer.  Our Breedplan figures for 200-day, 400-day and 600-day EBVs continue to exceed the Brahman Group Breedplan National Averages.

The past twelve months have again seen Mogul winning many major championships in NSW, enabling us to win the Kyabra Trophy for the 14th time.

We again topped the sale at the 2000 Grafton Bos Indicus Sale, with the sale of Mogul Kirby, our outstanding show bull of 1999/2000.

We continue to offer semen from Mogul Gaucho Manso (by JDH Mr Manso 61/9).  His Brahman Breedplan EBVs for milk of +2, 400-day weight of +30 and 600-day weight of +46  are in the top 5% band ranking.  His 200-day weight ranking of +20 is in the top 10%.

Kabala Skye, by JDH Madison Manso, our outstanding sale-topping full Hudgins blood purchase at the 2000 Hudgins bloodline female sale in Rockhampton has now produced her first progeny, which is outstanding.  Her other embryo calves will be born through the rest of the year.  You are welcome to inspect them at any time.

We have also added an outstanding red bull of our own breeding, Mogul Kama by HK Millionaire 167/2, to our sire battery.  His Breedplan figures are very impressive.

Our other exciting development has been the development of our web-page:  We have had a number of enquiries and many favourable comments on its content.  We hope to update it regularly and make it interesting.  If you have any comments, positive or negative, your input is welcomed.

Our latest update is the inclusion of a photograph of Mogul Leichhardt and happenings at the 2001 Royal Easter Show.

Once again we invite you to visit both our property and our website and inspect our cattle and our exciting new developments.

Premier of New South Wales, Mr Bob Carr admiring Mogul Leichhardt,
with Stud Manager Glen Pfeffer at the Royal Easter Show, Sydney 2001
- provided courtesy of The Land Newspaper Limited